Choosing a Security Services Provider

We know you have a choice of security providers, and that’s why we do everything possible to deliver the high-quality security services staffed by industry leading professionals. We leverage technology and resources to deliver exceptional services, including many value-added services to support your business growth.

When choosing a security services provider, there are several key questions to ask:
1.  Does the company offer solutions, not just services?
2.  Are they licensed to provide security services in your area/state?
3.  How long have they been in business?
4.  Is the experience of the management team and staff specific to your industry?
5.  Do they have innovative, industry-specific training programs (initial and ongoing)?
6.  Do they have 24/7 coverage and easy access to leadership/management?
7.  Does the company have low employee turn-over rates resulting from outstanding recognition, reward, and compensation programs?
8.  Do they leverage technology to augment professional security officer support?
9.  Do they conduct critical vulnerability assessments, workplace violence assessments, and other evaluations to enhance security?
10.  Does the provider have the ability to handle emergency/disaster situations with flex-staff and other resources?
11.  Do they provide extensive reporting with a clear understanding of industry?
12.  Do they have a proven strategy for smooth transitions with no disruption in business or security services?
13.  Can they customize their programs and services to meet your needs?
14.  Do they understand your type of unique environment?
15.  Do they understand and embrace Studer Group Principles, Lean Six Sigma, and Ritz Carlton Customer Service concepts?
16.  What is their client retention rate?
17.  Do they offer value-added services and programs?

Let us review our programs and services with you so you can see how ODS effectively and efficiently delivers on these important initiatives and many more. We offer value-added services that ensure safety and security meet and exceed your expectations.