Our Culture

Our Promise is PEACE OF MIND

The ODS culture positions us with a competitive advantage. ODS infuses a culture of high performance throughout the organization. Our transformational leaders inspire, encourage, and foster excellence by recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.

Our culture attracts the ‘best of the best’ in the industry, from security officers to top-level leadership. Industry-leading recognition and rewards programs drive high-quality performance and high retention rates. Our culture values people who work with a purpose by delivering outstanding security services. We know those individuals truly make a difference for our clients, our company, and the community.


Core Values

Our core values drive the performance of our officers, supervisors, managers, and senior management team. At every level, our people have a shared vision for success, and that makes ODS the best security services partner in the industry.

  • Serve and Inspire
  • Excellence In Reputation – Being a Part of Something Special
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Act with Integrity and Humility
  • Encourage Innovation, Adapt to Change and be Willing to Take Risks
  • Share Goals, Efforts and a Willingness to Perform the Duties of Others
  • Consistency and Dependability in Our People and Our Actions
  • Celebrate Successes Large and Small