Defensive Weapons and Equipment in Healthcare

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ODS seeks to serve as a valuable resource to assist leaders of hospitals and healthcare systems when making critical decisions related to safety and security in their facilities. ODS provides this special report as a framework for organizations. The information and recommendations are supported by industry-leading research, citations, and appendices. Click here to download our […]

Protect Your Hospital from Liability

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This article from Environment of Care Leader is republished with the authorization of DecisionHealth. All rights reserved. For a sample issue or for subscription information, please visit or call 1-855-CALL-DH-1. Protect Patients from Internal Predators and Protect Your Hospital from Liability Your hospital probably has procedures in place to shield patients and staff from […]

Defusing Volatile Patient Situations

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Previously published in the IAHSS Journal of Protection Management Journal. Author: Timothy J. Quist, VP of Healthcare Security, Virginia The author, an advocate of an approach to healthcare security solutions that emphasizes compassion and safety in the sensitive healthcare environment, describes how a strike team of security, behavioral health and ED staff was able to […]

Improving Patient Engagement

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By Calvin Bostic, Director of Security, ODS Security Solutions How do hospital security officers impact patient engagement? Security officers come in contact with patients and staff all day long. They have the optimal opportunity to create a positive patient experience. What is Great Patient Engagement? Great customer service is defined as a person receiving services […]

Infant Abduction at Texas Hospital: What Went Wrong?

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By Paul Lockwood, CHPP, CPP, ODS Senior Healthcare Security Consultant   (Paul is one of the country’s most highly respected experts in healthcare security, specializing in infant security and abduction.) A single infant abduction is too many! Enhanced levels of security and integrated technology help reduce the risks of infant abductions in healthcare facilities. The […]

Reduce Healthcare Costs by 10-20% Through Outsourced Security

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Would you like to reduce healthcare costs for your facility by 10-20%? You can. Hospitals have historically leveraged external resources and services to help manage costs. Services including laundry, food services, grounds maintenance, and housekeeping are typically at the top of the outsourced list. But what are they missing in their cost-savings strategy? Hospitals are […]