Government and Commercial

ODS possess leadership abilities that drive the industry standard and we are recognized as an industry leader in security services, training programs, and benchmarking. We have extensive experience in delivering effective and efficient security, safety, and emergency preparedness services for clients of all sizes. Our strength comes from:

  • Relationship focused partnerships
  • Strong collaboration with our clients
  • Performance based contracts

Specializing in corporate security services, ODS offers comprehensive security solutions based on:

  • Professional staff
  • Proven processes
  • Effective technology
  • Extensive experience

We recognize the unique needs of corporate and commercial security services and how maintaining a safe and secure environment enhances the safety and reputation of our clients. ODS provides you with the unique opportunity to forge a partnership with a firm that understands how to balance the goals of your organization with the most effective security services, technology, procedures and industry-leading training programs. This balance yields the optimum employee, visitor, and customer experience.