Company Police

ODS offers Company Police with the same capabilities and responsibilities of municipal and county police officers. All Company Police officers are required to complete and successfully pass all state mandated training and testing. ODS requires officers to complete basic and advanced training. They receive ongoing in-service training, and all new Company Police officers are mentored by experienced ODS officers and leaders.

Company Police services provide added safety and security. Their presence is not only beneficial in the event of security issues, it is also a deterrent for preventing security breaches and potential crime or disruption.

Local police departments are often limited in staffing and do not always have the ability to respond as rapidly to critical situations that may arise. They typically do not have the dedicated resources to maintain a presence in these facilities. Our Company Police serves to bridge this gap by providing sworn police officers dedicated to your facilities.


With ODS Company Police, you have peace of mind knowing that our officers are:

  • Sworn police officers
  • Highly experienced
  • Expertly qualified
  • Professionally trained
  • Continually evaluated for outstanding performance
  • Maintaining all necessary and relevant certifications
  • Receiving ongoing in-service education to enhance their skills and abilities