Industry-Leading Experience

ODS is a leader in healthcare security services that establish the industry standard, with approximately 80% of our business currently focused on healthcare security. We recognize the intricacies involved with managing Patient- and Family-Centered Care facilities and ensuring seamless integration with the sensitive healthcare environment.

Retain focus on your core business

By selecting ODS as your security partner, you can trust that your security, safety, and emergency management will be expertly handled, allowing you to focus on serving the healthcare needs of your patients and community. In order to provide outstanding care, you depend on a safe and secure environment. ODS Security Solutions delivers expertise and proven effectiveness with a tailored plan designed to fit your facility’s individual needs.

Engage true healthcare security specialists

Compared to other security providers, ODS has the strongest healthcare focus with over 90% of our clients from the healthcare industry. No other security firm offers more healthcare expertise. Providing effective and successful solutions for a healthcare system requires unique knowledge, and ODS has a proven record of providing the best combination of programs, people, and outcomes in the industry.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.01.58 PM

Do more with less

ODS has a proven process that provides benefits in small, medium, and large hospitals. Our process optimizes staff resources through training, technology, and teamwork– reducing your security costs by 9 to 21 percent.