Outsourcing Security Services

Outsourcing security services to a specially trained healthcare security provider has proven to be an effective cost-management strategy. Outsourcing security is typically expensive than a corporately managed security service. And increased security functionality and expert industry resources offer value-added services.

Hospitals often operate multiple locations and each facility has different practices. In this situation, outsourcing partners standardize and consolidate functions across all locations resulting in efficiency and cost savings. Strong partnerships bring major cost reductions through decreased administration and overhead, among other aspects of security. Outsourced security ensures that services are delivered by an organization focused on security as its core competency.

The result? Higher levels of security and safety for hospitals, all at a significant cost savings.

Outsourcing for hospitals:

  • Allows the hospital to focus on core competencies
  • Decreases costs and increases security functionality
  • Improves quality of security services and patient/visitor engagement
  • Engages industry expertise and knowledge that is often lacking
  • Provides reporting and data to evaluate results, identify needed improvements, and continually improve security solutions
  • Allows hospitals and providers to focus on caring for patients

Assessing Your Security Costs

By completing the brief assessment, you will gain a preliminary review of your security costs. It is provided as an abbreviated assessment but does not capture all related costs. Don’t be surprised if all costs are not readily available—many hospitals find that to be the case. This brief assessment is used to demonstrate some known and unknown costs associated with security services. A more thorough evaluation is needed to draw any significant conclusions and cost savings projections.

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