Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is critical in every sector we serve, and ODS is committed to delivering resources in the event of an emergency. The healthcare environment is especially susceptible to emergency situations with catastrophic accidents, illness, and other health-related issues. We recognize that securing healthcare facilities in the event of disasters is not only critical to your operations, but vital for patient and visitor safety.

Emergencies may require the deployment of an increased number of security officers, an addition of technology resources, and other options to secure the environment and maintain order. We are able to quickly deploy qualified security services staff for temporary situations.

Our experienced executive healthcare services leadership plays a critical role in emergency preparedness and responsiveness. We have the experience to handle emergency situations, including disaster recovery and terrorism response.

We believe that prevention is the key to ongoing security management. We collaborate with clients to proactively create plans of action and protocol—so when a situation arises, we are ready.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

ODS has developed comprehensive, effective solutions to address Healthcare Emergency Preparedness and Planning. We recognize, respect, and understand the Emergency Management Standards as required by The Joint Commission. Our solutions ensure adherence to these and other regulatory requirements.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is just one reason for having a solid emergency preparedness plan. The primary goal is to have a plan that fully enables your facility to evaluate, plan, prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover to emergency situations that may occur. We have the healthcare security experts to create the most effective and efficient programs available.

Today’s environment creates new types of emergencies and evolving threats as we face active shooters, acts of terrorism, visitor violence, drug addiction, community violence and other factors. Our proven strategies will:

Our proven strategies will:

  • Protect patients, visitors, staff, and others on the campus
  • Deploy effective notification and communication tools and strategies
  • Effectively manage and respond to emergencies
  • Utilize consistent and clear messaging
  • Save and protect lives, money, and property
  • Instill confidence in the community
  • Ensure development and staffing of an effective Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) with clear chains of command. The HICS will be flexible, redundant, and cost-effective.

Our years of experience equip us well to collaborate with clients to develop the best possible Emergency Preparedness Planning and Programs.