ODS Professional Assessments

Do You Know…

If your security program is ready for your next regulatory visit?

If your security program uses best practices?

If your security program is cost effective?

If your security program is maximizing your technology investments?

If your security program is supporting your core business goals?


The ODS Professional Services team of healthcare security, safety, and emergency management experts will answer all of these questions.

The ODS team recognizes the only true actionable plan from an assessment is one coming from integrating the culture, values, and strategic goals of the core business. ODS prides itself on spending significant time with staff and leaders to understand the unique nuances of each client and the community served.

ODS will deliver more than an assessment report. The assessment team works collaboratively to prioritize findings and then obtains insight from other ODS principals to leverage ODS institutional knowledge.

ODS will deliver a multiyear work plan to keep your security program aligned with best practices in the budget-sensitive times that healthcare organizations are facing. The ODS work plans aim to guide security programs from cost centers to business partners, supporting the key strategies of the client’s core business.

Whether your organization is proactively leveraging an outside perspective, preparing for an upcoming regulatory visit,  responding to a critical security event or simply assuring readiness for a potential event, the ODS team has answers to guide you.

With a few simple pieces of information, ODS can quickly provide a schedule and budget identifying how an assessment partnership can benefit your organization.

  • What are the key questions you want an assessment to answer?
  • How many licensed beds will the assessment encompass?
  • How many campuses will the assessment encompass?
  • What ancillary responsibilities does the security program oversee such as safety, emergency management, parking, valet, or greeter?