Reduce Healthcare Costs by 10-20% Through Outsourced Security

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Would you like to reduce healthcare costs for your facility by 10-20%? You can.

Hospitals have historically leveraged external resources and services to help manage costs. Services including laundry, food services, grounds maintenance, and housekeeping are typically at the top of the outsourced list. But what are they missing in their cost-savings strategy?

Hospitals are missing the critical role played by healthcare security experts. Outsourcing security services to a specially trained healthcare security provider has proven to be an effective cost-management strategy.

Hospitals often operate multiple locations and each facility has different practices. In this situation, outsourcing partners standardize and consolidate functions across all locations resulting in efficiency and cost-savings. Strong partnerships bring major cost reductions through decreased administration and overhead, among other aspects of security.

Outsourced security ensures that services are delivered by an organization focused on security as its core competency.

Read the ODS White Paper: Reducing Costs Through Outsourced Security, which demonstrates how hospital leaders can save 10-20% on healthcare costs with outsourced security solutions.

Reducing Costs Through Outsourced Security